Treatment of dust on marble stone surface
Jan 27,2021

Treatment of dust on marble stone surface

By Andrew Smith

     Marble stone is a kind of modern building material. Facing different usage environments, we need to perform edging operations on him. The edging operation process pays great attention to details. Let's take a look below.

  The so-called edging is a kind of marble stone processing technology that grinds one or several edges of marble stone into geometric shapes. The edging is carried out according to the requirements of the processing order. The processing order of marble stone is passed down following each process of processing. The processing order will indicate the details of the processing and the type of processing. In the edging process It is necessary to grind according to the edging type on the processing order. According to the desired type of edging, the edging shape of the grind board is usually made with three plywood, but it is still made of iron or aluminum plate, which is not easy to deform. Curved edging plates should be made into corresponding curve template, and the plates to be processed should be cut into curved plates.

We put the template close to the edges of both sides of the marble stone that needs to be edging, draw the shape of the edge to be grind with a suitable pen, use an angle grinder to grind the part to be cut along the outline of the drawn line and then repair it to the desired The shape is then finely ground and polished by water. Just carry out quality inspection.