The difference between granite and natural marble stone
Aug 08,2020

The difference between granite and natural marble stone

By Andrew Smith

        In today's society, more and more people begin to pay attention to the decoration of the living environment, and most people choose to use natural marble stone and granite when decorating their houses. After all, both are high-end decorative materials. But what is the difference between granite and natural marble stone? To put it simply, those with texture are called natural marble stone, and those with spots are called granite. Natural stone is roughly divided into three categories, natural marble stone, while granite is a kind of igneous rock, and sedimentary rock, which is not too deep in the ground. Here is a brief description of the difference between granite and natural marble stone.

   One, granite
      The pattern of granite is spotted and the pattern is relatively simple, without obvious pattern forming. Most of them are used outdoors, and their advantages are sturdy and durable, not easy to be damaged, and will not be stained. The production standard of natural granite building board is made according to the ordinary board, but the board is divided into three grades of excellent product (A), first-class product (B), and qualified product (C). Its specification size deviation, straightness tolerance, angle tolerance, and appearance quality are measured by grades.

natural marble stone
      The mineral composition and structure of granite depend on its quality. High-quality granite will have fine and uniform crystals, less mica and more quartz, and does not contain pyrite. Granite is not easy to be weathered and deteriorated, and its appearance and color can be maintained for more than a hundred years.
   The price of granite ranges from tens of yuan to several hundred yuan. The rough surface is cheaper, and the smooth surface is more expensive.

  二、natural marble stone
      Natural marble stone is a type of stone. Now many people choose natural marble stone to decorate the ground. Since natural marble stone is an artistic stone, its texture is smooth and delicate, the pattern is rich, the line pattern is smooth and freehand, the color changes are rich, and it has charming patterns like landscape paintings, so in some high-end places, the ground will be covered with natural marble stone , And natural marble stone is more comprehensive in the production and processing, but the biggest drawback is that it is many times more expensive than granite.

The price of natural marble stone ranges from hundreds of yuan to several thousand yuan. Because of different origins, different quality and price, so the difference is very big. Therefore, it can be seen from the features, functions, and price differences that the difference between the two is still very obvious.