The correct way to dye marble stone
Dec 09,2020

The correct way to dye marble stone

By Andrew Smith

Do you know the dyeing method of marble stone? We all know that marble stone is a marble stone, and some of the colors are uneven, so at this time, we all have to color the marble stone. Do you know the dyeing method? The editor will explain to you the dyeing method of marble stone.

1. Fully dyed

This dyeing method refers to dyeing the whole piece of marble stone. Generally, the color of the marble stone is relatively light, and there is a difference in color from the undyed marble stone, and then all the surface of the whole piece of marble stone is dyed to make the marble The overall color of the stone becomes darker, and the dyeing stops when it reaches the same color. In this way, it can be unified with the non-stained marble stone.

2. Partial staining

This kind of marble stone generally has different colors during the processing process, which is called the yin and yang color in the industry. At this time, as long as the dyeing is performed on the lighter part, good results can also be achieved. One form is batch dyeing, which means that the uniform color of marble stone products produced in a certain process does not meet the requirements, such as too dim, so when dyeing, all these marble stones should be re-dyed to make the surface. The gloss increases and becomes more beautiful. Partial dyeing is only to dye the lighter areas. This is done on the marble stone with two colors on the surface.

3. Batch dyeing

A batch of processed marble stones are dyed in batches because they are not bright enough and the color is dim, so as to achieve a unified color and a unified aesthetic effect.

4. Sweeping and dyeing

By adjusting several dyes and performing partial dyeing with several dyes, the color appears on a small square or on a certain part to achieve the effect of color uniformity. After what we have introduced to you about how we all use marble stone for coloring, you all know now.