Marble background wall
Nov 02,2020

Marble background wall

By Andrew Smith

Is the marble TV background wall good: strengths

1. Many colors and exquisite patterns

The colors of this raw material are varied and the graphics are also very delicate. It is recommended to choose some simple and powerful fine markings, which will appear more vivid and comfortable. As we all know, marble has obvious prominent patterns and common shapes, so The design of using marble for the TV wall in the living room will look more beautiful.

2. Private order

Because this material belongs to high-end decorations and can withstand customization in style, many users prefer marble. Whether it is a modern and refined style that needs to be conceived or a Chinese style that focuses on connotation, it can be decorated with a marble background wall.

3. Convenient cleaning and low protection cost

When cleaning, this kind of material is relatively simple, just use a cloth with a mild detergent to clean it. It does not require too much complicated household maintenance knowledge, so it is appropriate and convenient.

4. Durable

As we all know, because this type of material can be stored for hundreds of years, it is more durable than other materials. For example, the famous historical Greek temples and ancient Roman Colosseum have been preserved for thousands of years. Don't worry about the durability of the marble background wall.

Is the marble background wall good: disadvantages

In terms of price, this kind of product is relatively high, especially natural marble, some can reach 1,000 yuan per square, of course, the price of artificial marble will be relatively low, usually 60 to 300 yuan per square, other its weight Large, need keel fixation, the installation is more difficult, the installation must be fixed with steel keel, the installation is troublesome, and the thickness is large and takes up space.

Which styles are suitable for marble background walls

Judging from the current market conditions, most of the TV walls in the homes of users use this kind of materials. For example, modern elegant style, Chinese style and European style, etc., will use marble as the TV background wall to create a kind of The atmosphere and luxurious texture.