Identify low-quality cultured marble and avoid the harm caused by repeated use
May 15,2021

Identify low-quality cultured marble and avoid the harm caused by repeated use

By Andrew Smith

With the continuous expansion of the cultured marble market and the delay in promulgating the relevant national quality standards, the brands of cultured marble products in Wuhan are gradually increasing, and fake and inferior products are also emerging in endlessly.

cultured marble

One is to counterfeit well-known brands. Certain manufacturers combine to use consumers’ ignorance of the products to target well-known brands on the market through counterfeit anti-counterfeiting coding, and use parallel imports as genuine products. The use of manufacturers’ lax management of the market, the use of quality assurance cards not to hand over to customers, anti-counterfeiting, gold medals and other means to achieve the purpose of deception; one is to directly use the consumer’s greedy psychology, and some illegal manufacturers from local and foreign countries have implemented local laws. When the quality of the product is not good enough, industrial resin is used instead of methyl methacrylate and calcium carbonate is used instead of aluminum hydroxide, which will hit the market at a very low price. At present, most of the artificial stones with a retail price of more than 300 yuan per meter on the market are like this. Such products have no quality and after-sale guarantees, and are very easy to break, deform, fade, and even poison.

Because the manufacturing process of cultured marble is very different, the performance and characteristics are not completely the same, so the advantages mentioned above are not necessarily the performance of the cultured marble you buy. The artificial stone imported on the market is relatively good in performance. For example, the imported cultured marble allows the scratches on the surface to be polished with sandpaper, and the user will no longer see it after handling it by himself. However, many domestic cultured marble are obviously not good, and the more polished, the worse. When purchasing cultured marble, it is best to take a sample to conduct a harsh test, such as pouring soy sauce or oil stains, and performing a depletion test.