How to deal with the color difference of quartz granite
Dec 19,2020

How to deal with the color difference of quartz granite

By Andrew Smith

To solve the chromatic aberration problem of quartz granite, we must know the production, environment and other conditions of quartz granite. Now let us understand how to solve the chromatic aberration problem of quartz granite. The commonly used building materials of Hubei Huagang construction project are deeply loved by people, bringing the magnificence of the building, the feeling of beauty and magnificence, and giving people the enjoyment of the beauty of life. Quartz granite is processed step by step from blocks according to people's requirements into fired plates.

First of all, prepare before feeding. First, find someone to review the condition of the large-material waste slabs, and ask the manufacturer to prepare the quantity of the large-material waste slabs required for the building as much as possible at one time, and conduct strict acceptance after the materials enter the site. Then choose a sunny place at the project site to select and adjust the color. Each time the virtual pendulum is completed, use most of the plates, leaving a small amount of square meters for reference in the next virtual pendulum, and install the sheet with the closest color to the same Face, so as not to bloom on a big face. Before the formal paving, use white cement paste and some glue on the back of the quartz granite twice, and then pave it after drying to prevent the color difference caused by the different water seepage conditions of the base layer and grout humidity.

Quartz granite sheets inevitably have cracks and holes, and defects such as breaks, scratches, and bumps are often produced during processing. Through cleaning and inspection, it can be put into the warehouse. If the defect is not serious, it can be bonded and repaired to reduce the waste rate. This process is usually manual. Some imported production lines use automatic continuous repairing machines. The color of the repaired place is basically the same as the original material. Commonly used automatic continuous repairing machine, blowing and drying machine or manual inspection, manual repairing.